Sustainability at Intensovet

Nachhaltigkeit im Wald. Sonne scheint zwischen den Bäumen im Wald durch.

As a future-oriented company, we are aware of our responsibility towards resources and the environment. We set a high value to sustainability and we also would like to make our contribution. The Intensovet products “Dormosafe warming systems” and “Intensobox oxygen cage” are designed to be durable, robust and repairable. On one hand, this saves costs for the customer and on the other it conserves resources.


Sustainable production

Our development and production takes place almost exclusively in-house in Upper Bavaria. This allows us to offer a local product which has been through less transit. If possible, the individual parts for our production are sourced in other European countries in order to not go through long transport routes and with it protect the environment.

Systainability also means: Zero waste!

Our warming systems and oxygen boxes are extremely durable. With this longevity we can reduce unnecessary (over) production and disposal. However, if something about your product should be wrong or it stops working, we offer a repair service. Because a product which is not working does not mean its end has come. We will be happy to give you tips on a sustainable use of our products during a consultation.