Intensobox – oxygen cage and ICU for animals

+ Automated oxygen supply
+ Thermal management
+ Climate control for intensive care patients

Rapid oxygen supply is the main goal of intensive care medicine. The Intensobox animal oxygen cage provides the patient with the required amount of oxygen in the shortest possible time. The computer-controlled system in combination with the airtight cage optimizes oxygen consumption to a minimum. Sensors are used to automatically regulate oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity, air and floor temperature, thus providing maximum safety.

Features of the Intensobox animal oxygen cage

Modern sensor technology: Maximum safety for your patients thanks to multiple sensors for climate and oxygen control.

Easy to maintain: The Intensobox oxygen kennels are designed to be service-friendly and easy to clean.

WiFi-capable: Our team can perform remote maintenance on your Intensobox via internet.

Sustainable: The installed sensors are not consumables and do not need to be calibrated at great expense. Parts can be repaired without great effort and replaced in small modules, in most cases by the user himself. This saves costs and protects the environment.

Zum Produkt IntensoBox Sauerstoffkäfig

Configure your individual Intensobox

Individual customization: Our Intensobox oxygen kennel can be adapted to your needs in various sizes. The Intensobox is stackable and can be combined with other boxes.

Infinite options: Customization options range from the length of the base, the position and number of medical equipment rails, the various feet, to trim and panels. In addition, we accommodate your changes during the construction of the Intensobox.

Special design: A configuration of multiple Intensoboxes in one unit or the combination of Open Cages with one or more Intensoboxes is possible. 

Measurements in inches

External dimension Internal dimension
Width Height Width Height Depth
25,27 31,53 22,04 22,04 25,59
37,08 31,53 33,85 22,04 25,59
47,89 31,53 45,66 22,04 25,59
47,89 39,40 45,66 29,92 25,59
60,70 39,40 57,48 29,92 25,59
Kombination mehrerer ICU's

Technology of our Intensobox animal oxygen cage

Intensive care unit for animals: The Intensobox is an oxygen cage that gots the ability to think for itself. Through various sensors an automatic oxygen control takes place. 

Full control: Oxygen application has become an indispensable part of modern intensive care medicine. However, oxygen boxes are often a risk due to high temperatures and uncontrollable oxygen and CO₂ levels. The latest generation of oxygen boxes solves these problems with modern sensor and control technology. 

  • Usability

    Thanks to the intuitive touchscreen you can make multiple settings on the Intensobox for oxygen concentration, air temperature, floor heating, visual and audible alarms, and remote maintenance via WiFi and network. The Intensobox offers both a cable and tube inlet for infusion tubes, as well as smooth surfaces and rounded edges for easy cleaning. The LED light can be set in day mode (blue) and night mode (red) and is dimmable.
  • Sensor technology

    Several sensors are installed in the Intensobox including in a so-called rebreathing system. The automatic absorption of used oxygen is measured with the help of a sensor in the soda lime drawer. The soda lime binds the carbon dioxide from the breathing air, if the soda lime is used up the sensor will indicate it. In addition, two sensor-controlled floor heaters (30-43°C) are installed in the Intensobox to ensure constant warmth.
  • Control technology

    The Intensobox automatically regulates the oxygen supply from 20-70%. Flooding with oxygen takes about one minute, depending on the size of the Intensobox. In addition, the Intensobox reliably measures the patient’s oxygen consumption.
  • Heat management

    The Intensobox provides automatic cooling and dehumidification. The air temperature is regulated between 19-25°C. The sealed doors create an airtight room without external environmental impact.
Ein Labrador liegt auf dem OP-Tisch

Why does the patient need oxygen?

  • Rapid stabilization of emergency patients

    Rapid tissue oxygenation is essential for intensive care patients after surgery or indications such as shock, anemia, asthma, trauma, and in many other critical conditions. The faster and higher the tissue oxygenation, the faster and safer the recovery.

    The Intensobox is a closed computer-controlled intensive regeneration station. Within one minute, an oxygen concentration of 21% up to 95% can be provided on demand to rapidly oxigenate patients. The floor heating which is accurately regulated also enables safe and rapid warming and thus faster regeneration of critical patients.

  • Safe stabilization even of long-term patients

    Intensive care patients often need time to be fully stabilized. Optimized environmental conditions significantly accelerate the healing process. Rapidly stabilized patients lead directly to cost savings. The computer-controlled Intensobox regenerates the oxygen-enriched air and keeps the temperature constant. Key feature are:

    • O₂ regulation
    • CO₂ absorption
    • Air temperature control
    • Humidity control

    The Intensobox can also be used to stabilize critical patients overnight.

  • Oxygen is vital power

    Pulmonary hyperoxia has been shown to shorten the ICU stay, reduce organ failure, and decrease mortality in critically ill patients and after major surgery.

    The administration of oxygen in acute life-threatening situations represents a decades-old cornerstone of emergency medicine. The fact that the oxygen concentration can easily be increased from as low as 21% in the surrounding air to a multiple thereof, allows rapid treatment of hypoxic conditions of various kinds in a simple manner. At the same time, an increased supply of oxygen in the breathing air can also compensate to some extent for deficits in oxygen transport and oxygen availability on a cellular level.

    The level of oxygen demand of a tissue is determined by the functional state of the individual cells. Thus, stress, pain, fever, trauma, defense against infections, etc. lead to an increase in oxygen consumption, whereas sleep, sedatives, anesthetics, cooling, etc. lead to its decrease.

Comparison of different systems for O₂-application

With its computer-controlled, automatic system, the Intensobox regulates everything for your patient: maximum oxygen supply, safe CO₂ removal, optimal humidity. The patient does not have to wear an annoying collar or nasal probe and can simply relax on the integrated floor heating. Due to the constant measurement of the air values inside the Intensobox, the patient is optimally supplied to recover faster and more stable.

Möglichkeiten der Sauerstoffadministration
Oxygen collar
Closed box
Nasal probe
Air humidity
Tolerated by animal
Temperature-controlled patient heating
integrated floor heating
poss. heating mat/plate
poss. heating mat/plate
Flooding speed
1 minute
1 minute
40 minutes
Maximum O₂-concentration
95% **
30-40% *
ca. 30% **
30-50% *
Oxygen measuring

+++ (very good), 0 (average), — (insufficient/poss. danger)

* Erhardt, H., Haberstroh, Anästhesie und Analgesie beim Klein- und Heimtier. Vol. 2. 2011.
** Measuring as of ISO 9001.

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