Dormosafe Worktop – the warming pad for small animals

Zur Produktseite des Dormosafe Worktops für Kleintiere.

The Dormosafe Worktop warming pad is comparable to a heating plate which is especially designed for small animals. It offers the following features:

  • effective und even heat transfer
  • extremely safe
  • automatic regulation of the temperature
  • extremely hygienic / easy to clean

Productdetails & application of the Dormosafe Worktop warming pad

Dormosafe Worktop

  • dimensions: 45 x 35 cm
  • 0,5 cm thick aluminum plate
  • 1,5 cm thick foam material
  • 3 integrated sensors

Suitable for small patients (< 1,5 kg).

Our warming plate Dormosafe Worktop for small animals offers you the possibility to further perfect the heat management for your small patients during and after an operation.

Through the perfect interaction between an integrated aluminum plate and three temperature sensors, we have succeeded in developing a high-end heat mat. Thus, the warming plate guarantees an effective and even heat transfer without exposing the patient to a risk of burns.

Due to the very robust and waterproof outer layer, the warming plate is extremely hygienic and can be cleaned without any problems.

Technical details of the Dormosafe Worktop

Provide incomparably good heat transfer for your small patients!

To ensure an ideal heating quality for small animals, the Worktop is partially constructed in a different way than the Dormosafe Soft.

  • Integrated aluminum plate

    …because the patients are too small and lightweight to guarantee sufficient contact with the sensors. 
  • Foam mattress not needed

    …to provide an ideal heat transfer between the patient and the aluminum plate.
  • Insulation

    …to insulate the waming pad from the sub-surface.
  • High stiffness

    …which makes it impossible to fold the Dormosafe Worktop.