About Intensovet

Medical technology for veterinary medicine

Das Intensovet Team und alle Infos rund um das Unternhemen.

Intensovet is a young, innovative company in the field of medical technology for animals. We are a young, innovative team of specialists and entrepreneurs who pursue the development and production of medical technology for veterinary clinics, veterinarians and animal shelters. 

The history of Intensovet

Since 2017, we are developing and producing innovative technology for the veterinary medicine, as for example oxygen cages and warming pads as well as heated cages in cooperation with our partner Schlievet GmbH

Our team collaborates closely with specialists and veterinarians to manufacture and further improve our Intensovet products. Our development and manufacturing are solely based in Germany and mostly in our headquarter in Valley. As a young, future-oriented, dynamic start-up we build a strong team that pulls together in one direction but always remains flexibel.

Nachhaltigkeit im Team. Teamfoto der Gründer von Intensovet.

„Our goal is to help veterinarians with high-quality products to further improve treatments and processes within their everyday practice.“

– Niklas Warmbold, Founder and CEO –

That’s what we stand for

We are real (wo)men of action! As a start-up company, every team member got its own place and influences directly the creation of our products. We stand for a untamable willingness to innovate, professional know-how, and the passion for technology and animals. We set a high value to safety and practical customer service.

Extensive product tests, customer opinions and field reports are incorporated into the optimization of our warming systems and oxygen cages. By working closely with our customers, we can constantly improve the handling of our products.

Nachhaltigkeit bei der Montage. Mitarbeiter bei der Montage eines Käfigs beim Kunden vor Ort.Mitarbeiter beim Schweißen der Bauteile.Die Werkstatt von Intensovet.

Our team

Niklas Warmbold

Founder/ CEO

Rolf Hufenbecher

Development/ Electronics

Jakob Schöttl

Development/ IT

Robert Rösler

Development/ Production

Josiane Leger

Marketing/ Website

Maximilian Becker

Construction/ CAD

Pirmin Schefers

Development/ CAD