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Innovative hightech oxygen cages and warming pads for veterinary care

Intensovet is specialized in medical technology products for the veterinary science. Our products include veterinary oxygen cages and warming pads for the veterinary medicine which can be used during as well as after an operation. Our goal is to make your work with the fury patients even safer and more efficient. Being located in Valley in Upper bavaria we are proud to provide quality products “made in Germany”.

Our innovative products are state-of-the-art

Dormosafe warming pad

Safe patient warming systems for dogs, cats, and small animals

Intensobox oxygen cage

Climate controlled veterinary ICU cages for intensive care patients

Schlievet heated cages

With integrated floor heating from Intensovet for a cozy climate

Veterinary oxygen cage for cats & dogs

The Intensobox oxygen cage is a veterinary ICU cage (intensive care unit) for animals and provides intensive care assistance after surgery for dogs, cats as well as other pets. The oxygen box for dogs as well as cats and pets is designed for the use in a veterinary clinic or veterinary practice and works fully automated. The Intensobox is available in five different sizes and can also be integrated into an existing cage combination.

Bürohund auf Wärmematte

Warming pad for animals

The Dormosafe warming system is especially one thing above all else: safe. With the help of three built-in sensors, the warming mat for animals constantly measures the temperature between the mat and the patient. Especially during operations, warmth is an indispensable component to prevent the animal from cooling down. Postoperatively, the warmth of the mat also helps the patient recover more quickly.

The Intensovet team

Our young, innovative team of engineers works closely with veterinarians and specialists of the veterinary medicine. We are aiming to make your daily work more efficient and even safer. What joins us is our passion for engineering and animals. Our company was founded in 2017, we got a hole bunch of ideas and love to tackle any challenges together. We are your expert business partner when it comes to veterinary specialty products. Read more about our work here.

Das Intensovet Team und alle Infos rund um das Unternhemen.

„Thanks to innovative technology and qualified engineers we are able to make use of the human medicine and apply this knowledge to further develop the veterinary medicine.“

– Niklas Warmbold, Founder and CEO –

Umfassende Beratung

Comprehensive advice

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Individueller Kundenservice

Individual customer service

Firmengebäude Luftansicht

Medical engineering „made in Germany”

Our development of oxygen cages and warming pads for the veterinary medicine, our production as well as our headquarter are all based in Valley (Upper Bavaria). Germany as a location for business makes it possible for us to provide a customer-oriented service and to react promptly to individual customer requests. Nevertheless, we are also active within Europe and export to other countries as Norway, France, and Italy. This is why our customized helpdesk can help you in English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

In the papers

Customer testimonials

“We at the Oberhaching Veterinary Clinic are very happy to work with the Intensoboxes; the oxygen boxes have become an important part of our daily work. It is particularly practical that the oxygen concentration is infinitely variable. In addition, overheating does not occur. We are very satisfied with the Intensoboxes, because we can rely on the functionality due to good workmanship. There is also the possibility of remote maintenance. The equipment is in intensive use and due to its well thought-out concept, facilitates the work of our employees.”

Dr. Korbinian Pieper

Dr. Korbinian Pieper

Veterinary clinic Oberhaching

“We are very satisfied with the mats! We use the mats in the OR and on the ward, especially on the ward you notice that under-tempered animals also like to accept the mats themselves.”

Katharina Mönig (Tierklinik Jena)

Katharina Mönig

Veterinary clinic Jena

“HotBody not only guarantees perfect heat management for our intra- and post-operative patients, but also for hypothermic intensive care cases – a state-of-the-art heat mat!”

Sebastian Kendzia (AniCura Bielefeld Tierärztliche Klinik für Kleintiere)

Sebastian Kendzia

AniCura Bielefeld Veterinary Clinic for Small Animals

“Intensovet offers us practice-oriented products at fair prices. The establishment of the heating mats represents a measurable advance in the surgical care of the patients who benefit from this technology. We enjoy good and clean care.”

Constantin Wenning (Tierklinik Frankenthal)

Constantin Wenning

Veterinary clinic Frankenthal

“The warming mats are very practical to use. The core temperature of our patients hardly drops noticeably, even during longer surgeries.”

Mag. Christoph Leichtfried (Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark)

Mag. Christoph Leichtfried

Veterinary practice at the city park

“We are very satisfied with the 150x80cm Intensobox, which we have been using since July 2020. Intensovet responded to our special requests during production and implemented them according to our ideas. The cooperation was very uncomplicated. During the treatment with the Intensobox we can observe a fast improvement of the patients’ condition. The oxygen box facilitates our everyday life in the intensive care unit by a very good stabilization and insight on the patient. Patients do not overheat and the humidity remains in the normal range even during long use. The operation on the display is intuitive and very simple. The box is sturdily built and easy to clean.”

Esther Hassdenteufel

Dr. med. vet. Esther Haßdenteufel

Veterinary Clinic University of Giessen

“Very good warming mat! No burns and still the right body core temperature. It was well worth the purchase.”

Dr. Birgit Warmbold (Tierarztpraxis Holzkirchen)

Dr. Birgit Warmbold

Veterinary practice Holzkirchen

“Perfect combination of warming mat and soft pad. Very good heat transfer to the patient, no risk of burns – we are very satisfied!”

Mag. Beatrix Grund (Tierklinik Gross-Enzersdorf)

Mag. Beatrix Grund

Veterinary clinic Gross-Enzersdorf

“We have been looking for a safe and reliable warming system for our ORs for a long time. HotBody has fully convinced us in use.”

Dr. Alexander Pack (Tierklinik Elversberg)

Dr. Alexander Pack

Veterinary Clinic Elversberg

“The boxes have taken our intensive care to another level. The operation is very simple and intuitive. We are more than satisfied with the workmanship and service.”

Dr. Maximiljan W. Krauß​

Dr. Maximiljan W. Krauß

Veterinary Clinic Düsseldorf

“We are very pleased with the warming mats, they are life changing for our patients and we are very glad we were able to get them.” Petra Dmitrović

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb

“Since we want to provide optimal care and monitoring for our emergency patients, we have been looking for the perfect oxygen box for a long time. With the Intensobox we finally found it and with every use we are convinced again that we made the right decision. Many thanks to the IntensoVet team, who always advised us quickly and competently.”


Janine Schiefelbein

Small animal specialists clinic ARC

“We have been using the Dormosafe mat daily for several months. A great innovative product that features reliable, sensor-controlled temperature control, fast warm-up time and robustness. We and our little four-legged patients are thrilled.”

Dr. Reinhard Früh

Dr. Reinhard Früh

Specialist practice for small animals in Achern

“HotBody’s warming mats have become indispensable for daily operations in my small animal practice. Our patients lie comfortably on the mats, their body temperature is kept stable and thus the recovery time post op is significantly shortened. The fact that they are also easy to clean makes the mats an extremely practical tool for us in everyday practice, which we no longer want to do without.”

Dr. Waltraud Schiewe

Dr. Waltraud Schiewe

Small animal practice Northeim

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